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InvisaBLOCK™​ Year Supply - Hot Deal Special

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InvisaBLOCK™ Premium Stone Cleaner and InvisaBLOCK™ Silk Premium Stone Polish are professional granite, quartz and marble cleaning products designed to enrich and bring out your polished stone's natural beauty. The Premium Stone Cleaner is specially formulated to be easy to use as well as provide rinse and streak free shine. It is non abrasive and can be used in interior and exterior stone surfaces. Using InvisaBLOCK™ Premium Stone Cleaner will keep your stone looking and feeling silky smooth for years to come.

The InvisaBLOCK™ Silk Premium Stone Polish is the perfect companion to the cleaner. It is designed for use on all polished granite, marble, quartz and sold surface products. It is safe and simple to use to provide beautiful shine that resists water marks and fingerprints. This premium polish is easy to use, and helps hide light scratches. Unlike other polishes it has no waxy build up. InvisaBLOCK™ Silk Premium Stone Polish provides a beautiful shine to your counter tops.

With The Year Supply taking care of your stone counter tops is easier than ever because you will receive your first shipment immediately and the second shipment six months later ensuring that you have

The Year Supply of InvisaBLOCK™ includes 2 shipments of:

  • ½ Gallon Refill Cleaner
  • 3- 16 oz. Spray Cleaner
  • 8 oz. Mister of Polish

Price includes shipping. First shipment will be processed immediately. The second shipment will be sent 6 months later.

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