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InvisaBLOCK Premium Stone Sealer

– Protect Your Investment

Premium Stone Sealant 15-year limited replacement warranty

Do you really need to seal?

Yes. Granite and marble are naturally porous stone materials, and not all stone is created equal. The tiny openings inherent to stone surfaces allow liquids to penetrate, which can result in a stain. Some varieties of stone have greater absorbency than others, making stains not just possible, but probable…if left untreated.

What is the Solution?

The product InvisaBLOCK is a revolutionary sealant that provides the greatest level of stone protection available. Through the science of nanotechnology, it creates an invisible barrier on and beneath the stones surface; InvisaBLOCK does not affect the appearance or texture of the treated surface in any way. Also, it is thoroughly food-safe, once the product has cured.

How Does It Work?

  • Taking traditional impregnating sealants to a new height, InvisaBLOCK relies on nanotechnology to actually change the surface tension of the stone, enabling it to penetrate areas which previous generations of sealants have not been able to access or achieve.
  • Upon application, nano-meter sized molecules join together to form a chain, adhering to the stone to create an invisible bond with-and inside of-the stone’s surface.
  • The result? A surface capable of repelling liquid, oil, and other surface contaminants. InvisaBLOCK resists stains, dirt, and bacteria and leaves the surface stain-repellant, hygienic, and easier to clean.

How smart is that for peace of mind for your investment?

InvisaBLOCK Sealant and Stone Care Kit

Included are the following:

  • The InvisaBLOCK sealant, to be applied by your certified InvisaBlock professional. The sealant applicator, an individual-use utensil which will ensure smooth, even application of the sealant.
  • The InvisaBLOCK cleaner, a pH-neutral, specialized stone formula, that is streak free and helps kill bacteria.
  • The InvisaBLOCK stone polish, a monthly, or as often as you like polish to shine and smooth the finish of your stone.
  • The InvisaBLOCK warranty card. This is your ultimate form of protection.

Stain resistant * Long-lasting * Breathable * water-repellant * Oil-resistant

The InvisaBLOCK 15-year, Limited, Residential Warranty

J L C Technologies LLC stands behind its products. JLC shall provide a 15-year, transferable, limited, residential warranty on an InvisaBLOCK treatment for any newly installed stone’s surface. If your InvisaBLOCK treated stone should stain due to product deficiency or an authorized InvisaBLOCK representative is unable to remove the stain on MST’s behalf, MST shall initiate actions pursuant to its 15-year, limited residential warranty. Please read the limited warranty for additional information.

The effectiveness of InvisaBLOCK relies on proper pre-cleaning, application, and curing of the formula. Pre-cleaning and application must be performed by a certified InvisaBlOCK professional in order to be covered by this warranty. Proper care of the treated surface is essential to warranty coverage; treated surfaces should be cleaned only with pH-neutral, surfactant-free cleaners, such as invisablock Stone Cleaner, or another specialized cleaner recommended by your authorized InvisaBLOCK dealer, or water. InvisaBLOCK does not claim to prevent etching on marble surfaces. Further, InvisaBLOCK does not protect against heat burns, acid etching, or naturally occurring rust stains found in some stone materials.