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Countertops as beautiful as the day they were installed

My husband is Italian and loves to cook. We are happy our salesperson suggested we purchase InvisaBLOCK™ because our countertops still look as beautiful as the day they were installed.

M. Pometti
New York

Two years of heavy use without a Single Stain

Thank you InvisaBLOCK™! I really wanted honed marble countertops in my kitchen but everyone kept telling me they would be stained within a month. I am happy to tell you it has been 2 years of heavy use and not one stain. I highly recommend this product.

C. Darsey

Worth Protecting my Investment

I was really skeptical about whether or not I needed to have my granite countertops sealed but after doing a little research I decided I would rather be safe than sorry. I waited a long time to remodel my kitchen and I wasn’t going to risk that large of an investment. My granite has a light background with gold and tan running through it and it has no stains after 5 years.

K. Carter

Best in the World of Sealers

Here at Cutting Edge Granite, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the very best products. We carry a very large selection of granite and marble. After trying many other sealers that never performed as promised, we were happy to find InvisaBLOCK™. InvisaBLOCK™ has proven to be a high quality product that meets all of our clients needs. We feel InvisaBLOCK™ is the very best in the world of sealers.

Chris Sorenson
Cutting Edge Granite

Meeting our Client’s Needs

Elegance in Stone is proud to be an authorized installer of IInvisaBLOCK™. InvisaBLOCK™ sealer kits have been the answer to our clients questions. Invisablock sealer protects their investment and the Daily stone cleaner and Silk stone polish are the best care and maintenance products on the market.

Dave Brandt
Elegance in Stone